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Rem. .300 Assembly with 5-Round Mag


Product comes with one 5-round magazine.  Order extras separately.

Cartridge overall length allowed is 3.700″.

Dealer discounts available.

Wyatt’s® DetMag® Installation
Short and Long Action

Wyatts DetMag® system is designed to be a drop-in replacement for Remington M-700 bottom metal.  Due to changes through the years of stock designs, some minor alterations may need to be made to the stock for the install.

First, check to make sure the gun is not loaded. Remove the front and rear trigger guard screws. Remove the trigger guard assembly and internal magazine box. Replace these items with the DetMag system, reinsert front and rear guard screws and tighten.  After installation, check to make sure that the trigger guard housing is not sitting against the bottom of the receiver. There should be a gap of aprox. .015″ between the top of the trigger guard assembly and bottom of the receiver.  If not, shim trigger guard assembly to create this gap. The pillar lengths should be .735″ for the front and 1.250″ for the rear.

On some aftermarket receivers, it may be necessary to machine the center guard screw island to .300″ wide. This will allow the magazines to be fully inserted into the unit.

Weight 2 lbs


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