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Internal Box Description

Factory Length Boxes

RSA– Internal Dimension 2.8”. This box will work with most factory length short action cartridges. Works best with .308 based cartridges. WSM, RSAUM AND PRC not recommended.

CFE-6– Internal Dimension 2.8”. This box works best with WSM and RSAUM style cartridges. It does not work well with .308 type cartridges. 

RLA– Internal Dimension 3.7”. This box is ideal for all your standard cartridges.
Anything based off the 30-06 to the .280 Ackley Improved will work. 7 Rem Mag, and 300 Winchester Mag will feed in these provided seating depths do not exceed
the factory length box.

RUM– Internal Dimension 3.7” This box is set up to work with factory length Remington Ultra Mag cartridges as well as most other larger diameter case types. It will feed Nosler style cartridges provided seating depths do not exceed factory length box.

CFE-13– Internal Dimension 3.7”. This box works best with larger diameter cases like the RUM’s, Nosler’s, and the Norma Cartridges.

Extended Length Boxes

MBE223 Internal Dimension 2.4” Designed to still fit a factory length short action cutout, because of the spacer placement, shooters can take advantage of the 8090 grain bullet range for the .223, and still feed factory length ammo. The 300 Blackout, .222 Rem, and 204 Ruger will all feed from this box.

MBE4 Internal Dimension 3.0”. This is designed to feed the WSM and RSAUM Style cartridges. Not recommended for the 6.5 PRC. For the 6.8 Western pair the MBE4 with our 6.5 PRC follower.

5Internal Dimension 3.0”. This box works well will all your standard short action cartridges and specifically works well with the 6.5 Creedmoor. Again, not recommended for WSM or RSAUM cartridges. 

6.5 PRCInternal Dimension 3.0”. As the name suggests this box, paired with the follower of the same name, is a great set up for feeding the 6.5 PRC Introduced by Hornady.

CFE5 Internal Dimension 3.0”. The extended length version of the CFE6. This box is set up for the WSM, RSAUM, and PRC. 308 style cartridges not recommended.

Baney Box Internal Dimension 3.1”. This box offers a little more seating depth compared to MBE5 but requires a gunsmith for installation as even the extended length actions still require modification. It works great with the 6.5284 Norma and can feed most short action cartridges. Box must be modified to feed WSM, RSAUM and PRC cartridges.

MidLength Internal Dimension 3.25”. Designed to fit most midlength actions with the exception of the Defiance. It works well with the larger diameter cases such as the WSM,RSAUM and PRC, and allows the shooter to seat the bullets out as far as reasonable with those cases.
MBE2 Internal Dimension 3.8”. This box will work with all standard 3006 based cartridges, as well as the 280 Rem and 280 Ackley Improved. The 7 Rem Mag and 300 Win Mag all the way up to 7STW.
MBE3Internal Dimension 3.8”. Designed to feed the RUM type cartridges when seating out past factory lengths. It will also accommodate the Nosler style cartridges.

300 PRC Internal Dimension 3.8”. As the name implies this box is set up to work predominantly with the 300 PRC cartridge introduced by Hornady. It is capable of feeding the Nosler cartridges, but we do not recommend this for the RUM’s.

CFE12 Internal Dimension 3.8”. Designed to work with your larger diameter cases this box feeds RUM’s, Nosler’s, and Norma’s. Because of the extended length of the box, it can also accommodate the 338 Lapua and .378 Weatherby based cartridges.

CFE9 Internal Dimension 4.0”. This is designed to accommodate the longest seating depth realistically attainable. Used primarily with cartridges such as the 338 Edge and anything else where a 4.0 seating depth is required.

MBE8 Internal Dimension 3.8”. Designed to work with the Winchester Model 70 action. With the controlled  round feeding system, this box will work with standard cartridges all the way to the 7STW.