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MBE-05 Magazine Box


This box is designed for the Rem. M-700 BDL Short Action and extends the O.A.L. of the ctg. by approx. .110″.

Outside length is 3.070″. Inside length is 2.995″.

We’ve recently altered the lips on this box to allow better feeding of the 6.5 Creedmoor ctg.


  • Mill magazine box mortice rearward as shown in (figure 1), just long enough for the extended box to fit.
  • Shorten face of bolt stop .110″ (figure 2) to accomodate extra box length.
  • If using the staggard feed extended box on the Rem. M-700 in the Ultra Mag calibers, it may be necessary to remove the magazine lips on the box to expose more receiver rail. Failure to do this may increase the chance of ratcheting of the cartridges from the box when operating the bolt quickly.
  • The extended boxes may or may not fit the factory bottom metal. The easiest cure is to relieve the back of the magazine box so it sits on top of the bottom metal instead of in the mortice. Most of our boxes are allready cut for this.

Figure 1:

Altered receiver on top.

Figure 2:

Weight .25 lbs


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