SA 3.100″ COAL BOX – New


This box is an extra extended length box that may be used in some mid-length actions as well as the SA Rem. M-700 receiver. The box allows a COAL of 3.100″ which falls between our normal short action extended boxes and the mid-length box. Outside length dimension of this box is 3.200″.  CAUTION: If attempting to install on a clone receiver, make sure the bolt stop can be moved far enough to the rear to allow the bolt nose to get behind the ctg. base.

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This kit is designed for the 300 PRC in a long action. Kit includes PRC box, follower, and spring. The factory receiver and bolt stop must be altered for this kit. COAL allowed is 3.825".

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This box is an extra length, Remington M-700 Short Action style box which will allow a COAL of 3.100″. Outside dimension is 3.200″. Alteration of the magazine box mortise cut, ejector, and ejection port will be required for this box to work. This box uses our extended length SA follower.

Installation Instructions