When using our standard length boxes, these boxes will work in any receiver designed to accept a factory length Remington M-700 internal magazine box. We do NOT make an ADL version. The BDL boxes may be used, but the stock well will need to be adjusted so the box can not fall away from the receiver when loading. This is normally done by making and installing a small block for each corner of the stock well and then simply glue or glass these blocks in place.

When using extended boxes, our first line of extended boxes (approx. .125" longer than factory) will work in all Remington M-700 receivers designed to use a hinged floor plate and  all clones machined for our extended boxes. The Remington receivers and bolt stops will need to be altered for these boxes. On longer extended boxes such as the Baney(3.100"), Mid-length, and CFE-9, the receivers and bolt stops must be altered. MOST CLONES WILL NOT ACCEPT THESE LONGER EXTENDED BOXES. The placement of the bolt stop will dictate whether these boxes will be an option or not.

Staggered feed vs center feed option. The boxes listed with a prefix of MB, are all staggered feed boxes. This means that the receiver rails control the feed process as on most factory rifles. The center feed boxes use the CF prefix. When using a center feed box, the lips of the magazine box control the feeding.

All of our boxes are designed to be used with either a factory hinged floor plate, Hawkins Oberndorf hinged floorplate, Hawkins M5 hinged floor plate, or PTG hinged floorplates.    


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